Selling Your Old Macbook Pro

In every Mac’s life, there comes a time when it says goodbye. Maybe you want to buy a new Mac sparkle that increases your craving. Or maybe it is too old and busted. No matter what the reason, it is time to part ways.
Whenever Apple trots out new hardware, it is natural to see your old hardware and think. It is the right time to upgrade your Mac Pro. So, sell your old Macbook Pro to help subsidize the new one.
Of course, when you do that, you will want to squeeze every last penny out of it to get the very best trade-in deal you possibly can. When you are selling your old Macbook Pro, you must have a complete guide to doing exactly that. Here are some tips on what you can do to sell your old MacBook Pro.


Physically Clean It:
When you decide to sell your old MacBook Pro, you have to make sure that it is ready to sell. Physically, make sure it is in good and sellable condition. Use a microfiber cloth and alcohol-free cleanser to clean it completely.

Back It Up:
After you clean your MacBook Pro, it is time to back up your data. When you are getting a new Mac, now make sure that you have a secure copy of everything you need for the transition, so clone your Mac’s hard drive. That way, you won’t lose your data once you sell your old Mac.

Factory Restore It:
The next thing you have to do is to restore it to factory condition. Depending on the age of your Macbook Pro, it may have come with the book disk. If you have it, ensure that you keep it safe. You can also boot off that disk, reformat the hard drive of your old MacBook Pro, and reinstall.

Know Your Hard Drive:

Before you can figure out how much your Macbook Pro is worth, you need to know exactly the model your MacBook Pro has. You can get the model number at the bottom of the system or, if it is handy, the box it came in. In both ways, that number will reveal most of the key specs about the system like processor speed, Ram, Storage, and the color’s name. Now, you are very well aware of what you are selling. So, you have some options for selling it.

Sell It Yourself:
The first option to sell your old MacBook Pro is to try to sell it by yourself. You can check around with friends and relatives, and acquaintances to search out if anyone is interested in buying your old MacBook Pro. You can also use various social media sites to sell your MacBook Pro.
Someone who knows you is less likely to rip you off and undoubtedly won’t bargain with you nearly as much as the stranger. Go into the transaction with open eyes and make sure that you are ready for some post-sales support, especially when you are a new Mac who doesn’t know anything about how things work.
You must be very honest with them about the working condition of your MacBook Pro. If there are any peculiarities at all, you are just going to be upfront about them to avoid the hurt feelings and buyer’s penitence later.

Trade It for An Apple Gift Card:
Apple offers its own renew and recycling program that is very interesting. Apple will take your old Macbook Pro to be reused or recycled. But if your Macbook Pro still has worth, you can acquire an Apple Gift Card with the amount tacked. This service is coordinated with the Power on Company. They send you packing materials along with free shipping.
You have to plug in the Macbook Pro information on their site, and they will tell you how much you would get back in the form of a gift card. The upside, however, is that it is about as ironclad a deal as you obtain online. You are dealing with a third party authorized by Apple, and you are also acquiring an Apple gift card that will knock off some money for your next Macbook purchase.

Trade It with Your Local Mac Reseller:
Apple retail stores will accept all the recycling drop-offs, but if there is a friendly neighborhood with an Apple authorized, third-party reseller in your area, it may be valuable to call or do a drop-in to see if they do any trade-ins for cash.
A reseller will only be interested in the Mac if it is still in good condition and can easily be resold without a hassle; it is a bonus if you had the foresight to acquire AppleCare for
it. Don’t always take cash in hand. The dealer may want to sell it for you on consignment; they will broker the sale and obtain a cut of their effort. You can try to wheel and deal a bit with them to see if they will sweeten the pot for you by offering you a discount on equipment or services for your new Mac if you buy it from them. Do not count on the big discount on your new Mac by Apple. Set the price on those, and resellers can’t generally turn away very far without losing money or their right to sell Apple products.

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