A Guide on How to Create a Company Name: Methods and Techniques

When starting a company, finding the right name is as important as creating legal documents, renting an office, and hiring staff. A name should meet the following criteria:

  1. It should be simple to write and read.


  1. It should reflect the company’s essence, services, and products.


  1. It should differentiate the company from competitors.


An excellent name is original and unique from competing companies. This makes it easier to get a domain, trademark, and registration from Rospantent.

Preparing for Naming

To generate ideas for a name, it is recommended to prepare for it. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Conduct competitor analysis to learn from their names.


  1. Research the target audience to understand their language.


  1. Based on the potential customers, select a tone of the name, such as friendly, neutral, or respectful.


If there are difficulties with the naming process, various software can assist, such as Turbologo, which is a name generator that many experts have tested for effectiveness.

Methods to Develop a Company Name

The following naming techniques are widely used:

  1. Use phrases based on the company’s activity. For instance, a transportation-based company could use names like “Gruzovoz” or “Vozimruz.ru.”


  1. Create abbreviations by combining initial syllables. For example, the southern automotive company can abbreviate to “Yugavtokom.”


  1. Use “phrase slamming,” which involves combining two words to create a unique name. For instance, “Food” and “Here” combine to make “Eat Here.”


  1. Use the company founder’s name, which many domestic and foreign companies prefer. Examples are “Ford” and “KiraPlastinina.”

Ensure that no one is using the name before registering it. Otherwise, you may face fines for copyright infringement.

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