Methods to Solve when QuickBooks is not responding

The QuickBooks app frequently terminates unexpectedly, displaying the warning “QuickBooks has ceased working,” which can be a concern for users. This is a Windows-generated error message that can occasionally be seen together with the words, “An issue caused the program to cease working correctly, or Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.” The error notice returns when the user tries to relaunch QuickBooks after the program closes on its own. QuickBooks will occasionally freeze on Windows without emitting any error messages. For detailed troubleshooting steps, read the entire article if you are experiencing a similar situation where Quickbooks tool hub is not responding or has stopped working.

Signs when Quickbooks Stop Working

Each sign that indicates that QuickBooks has ceased operating or that an error is occurring with QuickBooks is given below.

  • Quickbooks Desktop starts to freeze and loses responsiveness shortly after being opened.
  • On the QuickBooks window, the mouse pointer and keyboard lag.
  • When you open the company file in QuickBooks, it terminates instantly without a message or a warning.
  • QuickBooks completes before the dashboard has loaded, and a relevant error notice is displayed.
  • In addition to freezing problems, other Windows programs also start to respond slowly.

Methods for Quickbooks have stopped working

  1. QuickBooks Refresher Tool can be downloaded and installed.
  • Get the QuickBooks Refresher Tool for your computer.
  • Click on qbrefresherv1.exe to install it after that. Then double-click the QuickBooks Refresher tool icon.
  • To provide user account control permission, select Yes when prompted.
  • To accept the terms, use the Yes button.
  • and then select Improve my QuickBooks
  • The QuickBooks Desktop software may need to be fixed, which could take some time.
  1. Install Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks now.
  • Press CTRL + J to access your download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select QuickBooksToolsHub.exe from the downloads list.
  • To make this application changeable, select Yes.
  • To install it, click on Next. To accept the licensing agreement, click Yes once more after that.
  • Afterward, select Install by clicking Next (It may take some time)
  • Click Finish when you’re finished installing the program.
  • Log in to QuickBooks Tool Hub. On the desktop, there will be an symbol.
  • Then select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the installation issues tab.
  • Configuration may require some time.
  • To accept the licensing agreement after configuring it, click Yes.
  • For the desktop components of QuickBooks, click Continue to begin the repair process.
  • Restart your computer after finishing.
  1. File QBWUSER.ini should be renamed or removed.

The problem can be rectified by renaming your QBWUSER.INI file if it is broken or missing. Use the steps listed below to rename it:

  • Obtain the location of the folder that contains QBWUSER.ini
  • the folder Users[Your user name]AppDataLocalIntuitQuickBooks [year]
  • Right-clicking QBWUSER.ini will allow you to select “Rename.”
  • At that point, add. Old to the end of the file name.
  • ecml should be renamed.
  • If you run the software after renaming, open an example company file.
  1. Establish a New Windows Admin User
  • Then select Other Accounts from the Accounts menu.
  • Add an account by clicking.
  • Please provide the Windows sign-in user’s account information. The following four options are available:
  • Input a Microsoft account if the person you are adding already has one.
  • You can establish a Microsoft account for the person you are adding using their email address if they don’t already have one. Enter the most used email address for the person.
  • If the person you are adding doesn’t already have one, tap or click Sign up for a new email address. It is free.
  • Select “Add child’s account” if the person you are including is a child.


The users can swiftly resolve the error “quickbooks won’t open” at the earliest by using any of the above mentioned techniques. You should contact the service staff if you have technical problems.

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