The Company and It’s Architectural Glass Projects!

If you are about to select a supplier to build your new building, the first thing on your list would be to check out its previous projects. And especially when it comes to using glass structures to give a new look to your multiple storey building, this is where you have to be double cautious. But with a supplier like The Glass Company, there is no point of being skeptical specially after shedding lights to its previous projects! The Glass Company, having multiple headquarters in different corners of the world, will undoubtedly give you the best service you can ever expect with a group of expert Glass consultants.

Apart from being a supplier, the Glass Company has maintained its super reputation as a consultant since the initial stage of its birth. With its exclusive glass inspection and quality monitoring the company has worked in several projects in different countries. This article brings out the company’s precious projects in light to ensure the quality of service it provides. Here are the three key projects of the company that have gained immense appreciation and exclusive reviews! 

K11 Museum – Hong Kong

It’s an exclusively designed shopping complex with high end artwork and amazing eateries. The museum has gained more popularity for its outlook designed and built by The Glass Company. The company with its efficient designers and workers have made the facade of the building glossy and attractive to its viewers. The front outlook has been made of half tube semi circular glass that has given it the most aesthetic look than ever. It carries the glossy 3D look that helps the business to attract more visitors everyday and keeps it promoted among the consumers.

Gulita Residence – Mumbai, India

The company has worked with India’s business giant Mukesh Ambani, building her only daughter the most expensive house in the world. The house came to light in the extravaganza of his only daughter’s marriage and the company being popular for its excellent art work of Architectural glass. The presence of Secco brass framing and brass style doors gave it its own uniqueness and uncommon look overall. Apart from everything, the incorporation of double height space ballrooms with 5 meter tall doors has made it one of the most iconic buildings on an international level. Besides, the main thing about the building is the three glass jars that decorated the facade of the building in an ultimate level.

Apple Store – Dubai Mall

The Apple Dubai mall in the United Arab Emirates has been one of the most popular projects of the Glass Company till date. The mall is one of the eminent Apple retail shops in the country who sells iPhones, iPads and more. The structural glass pattern of the building has gained worldwide popularity whatsoever. In the roof panel, aluminum cladding has been used as side walls which specially serves the purpose of reducing deflection and strain. Also the work has been done with special guideline provided by Apple to match its color preferences and extraordinary structured outlook.

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