How To Combine Colors In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to dressing, everyone knows that knowing your colors can make all the difference. Coordinating your outfits gives you a clear sense of style and helps you look your best. The key to creating a wardrobe full of color coordination lies in understanding how different hues work with one another. In this article, we’ll explain how different shades of clothing work together – from jeans and button-downs to dresses and suits. Keep reading for tips on how to combine clothes in your wardrobe, from layering to mixing patterns.

What is Color Theory?

Color theory, also known as chromatic theory, is the study of color and how it affects human perception and emotion. While it can be applied to all art forms, it is especially important in the design field. Understanding color theory can help you create more sophisticated wardrobe pieces and even decorate your home with more style. The two primary theories of color are color contrast and harmony. The former explains how two or more colors work together in a way that emphasizes each other’s differences. For example, black and white work well together, because they are opposites that still complement each other. The other theory is harmony, which emphasizes the relationship between colors that look similar. For example, purple and blue are both considered “blue colors”; however, purple is darker and more saturated than blue.

Tips for Combining Clothing In Your Wardrobe

– Find a color combo that works well for you. If you find yourself constantly looking for new combinations for your wardrobe, it may be a sign that something isn’t right. – Invest in quality pieces. You’ll get more wear out of your wardrobe if your clothes are sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear. – Use contrasting colors to draw attention to an outfit. A simple black or white shirt with a colorful print is a great way to add color to your wardrobe. – Wear items that complement each other. For example, wear a navy blue blazer with a white button-down. The navy blue will help draw attention to the white blouse. – Mix patterns. Dark patterns with light patterns will provide interesting color combinations in your wardrobe. – Shop for sales. Finding deals on sale clothing is an easy way to build your wardrobe, especially if you buy quality pieces. – Pair similar colors in your wardrobe. For example, opt for purple and green in your wardrobe. Purple and green are both considered “green colors,” so they look good together.

How to Layer Clothing For Color Combination

Layering clothing is a great way to create a variety of looks with a single outfit. This is especially useful if you want to combine different colors in your wardrobe without wearing the same outfits twice. For example, pair a dark grey button-down with a light green sweater and a pair of black leggings. The sweater and button-down will provide the grey hues that work well together, while the sweater and leggings will provide the green hues. Layers can be used on top of one another, as well. For example, pair a blue jacket with a grey cardigan layered underneath. The jacket’s darker hues will provide a contrast to the cardigan’s lighter colors.

How to Combine Colors in a Dress

Incorporate more than one color in your dress. This will create more contrast and help your outfit stand out. For example, pair a red dress with a blue cardigan. The red will help bring attention to the blue and grey hues of the cardigan, while the dress will offset the red of the cardigan. Play with shades and saturation levels of clothing. A grey sweater can look nice when paired with a pastel pink blouse. The sweater’s grey hues will balance out the pink, while the sweater’s shaggier texture will add a grungy look to the outfit. Mix different types of fabric. This can add texture and variety to your outfit. For example, pair a silk blouse with a cotton cardigan. The silk will add softness to the outfit, while the cotton will help ground it.


Combining colors in your wardrobe can help you stand out and convey your style. The key is to find a color combo that works well for you. When you create a clear color story in your wardrobe, you’ll be able to express your style and look amazing on every occasion.

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