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How to Become a Certified Home Inspector

How to Become a Certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors help property owners and prospective homebuyers identify potential problems with the structure or mechanical systems of a property before committing their money. There are several different levels of certification available, and each one of them requires a different set of skills, education, and experience. Before undertaking any inspections, home inspectors must complete an accredited training program and pass a criminal background check. Home inspectors vary in scope of work from property maintenance to structural analysis and inspection for defects. Below are some key factors to consider when deciding on your certification level. Home Inspectors Home inspectors start as hobbyists who just want to make a living from inspecting homes. Over time, however, they learn how to provide a high-level service at an affordable price. When you’re ready to become a Certified Home Inspector, start learning today!

What level of certification should you get?

Although there are many different levels of certification, the most common are: Registered Home Inspector: This is the most comprehensive certification and requires you to be both a landlord and a homebuyer. While a home inspector might not be able to give a detailed assessment of your health and safety, he or she will be able to assess the state of your rental unit and offer recommendations for improvements. In some areas, including New York City, home inspectors are also allowed to sign contracts that require them to report any defects to local land management officials. Certified Home Inspector: This is the least stringent certification and requires you to complete only a portion of the full certification course. In some areas, including New York City, this is the only certification level required to pass your state’s certification exam.

Home inspectors vary in scope of work.

There are many different types of home inspectors, and each one of them has different specialties. Some home inspectors specialize in maintenance inspections, while others conduct structural analyses. You can find a list of common home inspector roles on the National Association of Home Inspectors website. Home inspectors work on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll have to ask your agent about the specifics of your region.

How to become a home inspector – The complete guide

Becoming a Certified Home Inspector requires an extensive amount of study, particularly for those interested in the field. To pass the Home Inspector certification course, you’ll need to take several courses and earn several examinations. Your home inspector certification course will usually include both theory and practice exams, and it’s usually a three- or four-year process. Before you start the study process for certification, you’ll need to get familiar with the basic home inspection terminology. A good way to start is to look up common home inspection terms in the dictionary, and then try to explain what you’ve found. You’ll also need to brush up on your engineering and construction terminology since many terms used in home inspections are similar to those used in the building industry.

The difference between an inspection and a report

A home inspector’s report will usually include information such as the location of problems, the type of problem, and an estimate of the cost to repair the problem. While an inspection report will usually include diagrams and photos, a report is not an inspection and should not be treated as such. An inspection is a process that begins with a visual inspection to determine the condition of a structure and ends with a written report that describes the results of that visual inspection. A report is usually intended to share the results of that inspection with you, but it’s not a part of the inspection process. A report isn’t a full audit of the property, so you shouldn’t expect to see specific numbers audited numbers on reports, of course.

Becoming a Nanny Inspector

If you love to help out your family and friends with housekeeping duties, or you’re a stay-at-home parent and want some extra cash, becoming a nanny is an ideal job for you. Home nannies work part-time as home inspectors, and they can also provide babysitting and other child-rearing services. Nannies usually start as home inspectors, and then they can transition to working as a nanny.


Becoming a certified home inspector is a challenging and rewarding career path, but it requires a lot of hard work. To get there, you’ll need to put in the time, study, and effort necessary to be successful. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to look forward to a rewarding career.

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