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Realme C35 review

Realme C35 review

Phones don’t come much cheaper than the newly announced Realme C31 and C35, which launch in the UK today and retail from £129 and £149 respectively. The latest budget blowers from Oppo’s sub-brand come hot on the heels of our reviews of the pricier GT 2 and GT 2 Pro from the brand. Of course, many corners have been cut to make the cheaper C31 about the same price as a pair of AirPods. It has a 6.5in 60Hz LCD display that’s only 720p, with 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, and a plastic frame and back in either light silver or dark green.

Why the C31’s price is so low

A lot of the critical reviews of the Realme C31 and Realme C35 have been about their price, which has increased by a significant amount in light of the launches of the standalone AirPods and the new Apple Watch. 

The C35’s price is even cheaper

The Realme C35 is a heavier, more advanced version of the original C31 with a larger 6.5in 60Hz LCD display and a more powerful processor. It costs £149 with a 640×480 resolution screen and a class-leading 64GB storage capacity.

The Realme C35 comparison

Even though the C31 and C35 are half the price of the AirPods and Apple Watch, there are some differences that come into play here. As we’ve covered, the C35 comes with a more powerful processor and comes with the added benefit of meaning you can use it as a smartphone. However, the two models are not identical, as the C35 has more RAM and comes with a 4G connection while the AirPods only have 3G. As you can see from the image above, the C35 also comes with a built-in speaker and Micro-USB to / Aux-In.

The Realme C35 launch date

Unfortunately, it’s not just the launch date that’s changed but the date of the launch too. The C31 and C35 launch on the same day in the UK, while the C35 arrives a week later. The launch date for the C35 is March 3, 2018, while the C31 launch date is February 24, 2018.

One year Warranty

The C35 and C31 come with a one-year warranty, which is good news if you’re buying the C35 for work or a travel destination where coverage is limited. However, the C31 comes with a three-year warranty. Customer service is fantastic on both models, and the C35’s support department is also very helpful should you have questions or concerns.


The C31 and C35 both feature the same 6.5in (16M) rear-mounted battery as the AirPods, which comes with a removable 40Wh battery. However, the C35 comes with a non-removable 40Wh battery and a long-term Warranty.
The C31 and C35 have identical-sized batteries, with the former going for 3000mAh and the latter going for 2800mAh. Unfortunately, the C35 battery doesn’t have a USB-C port so you have to plug it into a charger to use it on the move. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a few hours of light reading or watching videos, the C35 isn’t for you.


The C31 and C35 have different storage solutions, with the C31 being a 64GB model and the C35 being a 128GB model. The 64GB model in the C31 and the 128GB model in the C35 come with a Micro-USB to Mini-USB Power Adapter, which is very useful in case you’re looking to keep the C35 in your bag or pocket when you’re in the shower or on a walk.


Both models come with an 8MP camera on the back that’s good for single and video capture, as well as a range of shooting modes including Panorama, Selfies, and Continuous shots. As with all camera phones, the C35 comes with a Software-Only mode that lets you shoot only in English, Spanish, and French and they’re backed by a one-year warranty.

Specs and Performance

Both the C31 and C35 come with a similar Exynos 7420 processor, with the C31 having the more powerful chip and P(&r)ase 4G, while the C35 comes with a faster chipset with the Octa-core Exynos 7420 and Power4G. The C31 has a profile that’s perfect for light activities such as running, cycling and hiking, while the C35 has a more rugged profile for more advanced activities.
The C31 and C35 have almost identical showcases when it comes to everyday usability, with the only difference being the camera phone app. The Pro and Pro 10 apps are exactly the same on both devices, so you won’t be surprised if you see a few similarities between the two. The only real difference is in the way the apps are structured. On the Pro, you’ll find the standard Settings and Privacy menu items, while the Pro 10 app has a different app structure.


The new budget blowers from Oppo are now available in the UK for the low, low price of £129, which is the same price as a pair of AirPods. We expect many customers to be interested in this model, particularly those on a tight budget, as it comes with a large display and a nice screen, along with a powerful processor. However, we also expect this model to perform well against other budget options as well as being a good match for consumers with a wide range of preferences. The realme C35 is now available in the UK, and it’s currently the most affordable budget blower on the market.

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