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The Best PC Strategy and Tactics Games for 2022

The Best PC Strategy and Tactics Games for 2022

Sometimes twitchy video game genres, such as fighting games and shmups, don’t provide the kind of challenge you’re craving. Fast-paced, action-focused titles have their place, no doubt, but every now and then you need the exhilaration that comes with squashing enemies with your brain. That’s when strategy and tactics games prove appealing. There’s a fine line between the strategy and tactics genres. Strategy games typically task you with managing all battle aspects, such as harvesting energy sources and building bases or troops. The StarCraft games are excellent examples. Tactics games, on the other hand, typically focus on maneuvering troops and other combat elements. Gears Tactics represents the category well. The games in either category can operate in a turn-based or real-time fashion.

What is a Strategy Game?

strategy games are also known as turn-based games, but that’s a misnomer. Turn-based games are usually based on the idea of managing your forces and participating in increasingly complex scenarios. Turn-based games don’t usually require you to take any kind of strategic decisions. All you need to do is follow the instructions given to you by the game’s AI. Is there anything wrong with that? You tell me.

Battlestar Galactica

The Battlestar Galactica series is an out-of-this-world series set in an alternate timeline where humanity landed on the moon in 2034. The game’s spin-off from the original series, with many added elements. The first game in the series, Battlestar Galactica, is a turn-based strategy game. The second game, Battlestar Galactica: Rising Sun, is a real-time strategy game.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 is a turn-based strategy game with heavy bases and a tropical island setting. The third game in the Halo Wars series, Halo Wars 2 brings the action and strategy to an even greater level. The games are also highly reminiscent of a turn-based strategy game, with action-heavy scenarios and a distinct tropical island setting.

StarCraft II

The StarCraft titles, which are based on the video game series, are the spiritual successors to the classic Blizzard series. The latest game in the StarCraft series, StarCraft II, takes place in a fantasy world where the race to reach the infinite sun is at stake. Each of the standalone StarCraft games features a unique campaign and map pack that has been developed around the characters and story developments of the main character, Daenerys Targ.

Supreme Commander 2

The last title in the Supreme Commander series, Supreme Commander 2, is a real-time strategy game that blends turn-based strategy, real-time strategy, and strategic combat. The game doesn’t just provide a strategic view of the campaign — you’re also presented with a massive, collaborative battle map that can be used to guide your troops and direct them in the right direction.

Treachery in Beatdown City

Treachery in Beatdown City is a brawler with some strategy thrown in. The beatdown city campaign in Treachery in Beatdown City follows a similar path to that of the Battlestar Galactica games, with the main characters Daenerys Targ and Urd, joining forces to face off against the nefarious gods of war. However, in this case, your objective is to eliminate the red Marshmallows in the playable regions of your city. This is achieved by besieging them from all angles, from besieging their homes to assassinating their leaders.


The XCOM series follows an XCOM invasion plan, where your leading characters are sent to infiltrate enemy bases and take control of their technology. XCOM is all about taking over and delegating tasks to your other characters. You can send them out to explore the surrounding area and investigate reports of significant enemy activity. When they return with reports of friendly safety evacuated, you can start the mission from scratch.

Other PC Games

Like its respective games, Other PC Games is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme. Like all the games in this series, Other PC Games has a large number of variations, each with its own color scheme, art direction, and other elements.


The game industry is a very competitive field, where new technologies and games are continuously created to compete with the best. If you want to enjoy the full experience, you will need to choose between strategy games and tactics games. Whether you choose between these two types of games, you will be well served to pick up a few books and learn about the difference.

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