Five reasons I don’t like Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, and it’s also come to have a negative reputation. Because of its user-friendly interface, it’s also been used for a variety of purposes beyond the primary purpose of social media. Because of this, users have come to use it as a way to stay connected while also keeping tabs on their friends. Depending on your outlook on life, you might have a different perspective on why you don’t like Twitter.

If you’re the shy type, you might find it to be a source of social isolation. However, if you’re the clingy type, you might find it to be a way to communicate with others who share your interests. If you’re looking for a way to stay connected to people who share your interests and you don’t mind being public about it, then why not give Twitter a go? Here are some reasons why you might not like it.

Why I Don’t Use Twitter

There are a number of reasons why you might not like Twitter. If you have an outlook on life that’s more critical than the average person, you might find it lonely. On the other hand, if you’re the optimistic, forward-thinking type, you might find it a way to keep in touch with others who share your interests. When it comes to the latter, though, you might just find that it’s been used as a way to stay in touch with family and friends.

The ROI of Twitter

Twitter has a reported outage on average every day. The reason for this is pretty simple: people use the system. Over the years, as people have grown more used to the system, it’s evolved to be pretty flexible. Users can create accounts and use the service to create content. However, at its current state, it’s pretty limited in its ability to help people send messages to one another.

To use Twitter, you need to have an account. After creating an account, you can either use it for free or you can purchase an annual subscription. While it’s easy to get started using, you’ll still need to make time for social media on a daily basis. Ideally, you’d like to spend at least two hours a day on social media sites.

It’s a Communication Device

As you’ll soon discover, Twitter is more than just a communication tool. As a platform, it’s filled with functions that help users share, create and exchange ideas. To use Twitter, you need to have a computer or a smartphone with a Twitter client app. Depending on your position in life and your interests, you might have different reasons why you don’t like it.

It’s Bigger than It Sounds

One reason people don’t like Twitter is that it’s big. It’s actually really big, though. It’s the biggest social media platform in the world, and it’s also got a long way to go before it’s even close to being a business. As of this writing, it has more than 100 million users across thousands of social media platforms. Additionally, there are still many problems that stand in the way of this platform becoming a business.

As you can see for yourself, Twitter is a large and beautiful thing. It’s actually more than a few times the size of Earth. That said, the social media platform isn’t the most visually appealing platform on the block. That’s likely due to the fact that the platform itself is pretty large.

It’s Bigger Than It Looks

While it is a lot more than you would usually think of for a social media platform, that’s not its main appeal. Social media platforms are meant to be shared and reposted multiple times. If a user shares your posts, they’re actually cementing them as part of their feed. This is important, because it prevents anyone from editing or deleting your posts.

It has a reported outage on average

The average person uses Twitter every day. That person might use it to share photos and videos with friends, but they’re also probably using it to ask and answer questions, discover new music and catch up with old friends. It’s not unusual for someone to use the platform every day for hours on end. That person might be putting himself or others at risk by not using other platforms.

Customer Service Hiccups

As you’re likely already aware of, customer service has gotten a lot harder in the last few years. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to get customer service when you have a problem with the platform. Follow these steps to get customer service from Twitter:

– Contact your customer service center. They’re bound to get your question answered, so give them a call.

– Ask for a customer representative. They may or may not be able to help, but they usually will.

– Be sure to include the issue in the comments section.

– If everything went well, you’ll get a reply within hours or so.

– The fact that someone else has already mentioned the issue on social media is actually a positive.

How to Use Twitter Right

So you’ve found some reasons why you don’t like Twitter, and you’re now looking for new ways to use it. Here are a few tips to help you get more use out of your account.

– Make Instagram your primary social media platform. You don’t need to share everything on Instagram, so make that your primary way to share with friends.

– Don’t just assume everyone on your feed is talking about you. Be the one sharing. Be the first to share the news, photos and videos that are important to you.

– Use the “favorite” function on your feed to mark your posts as important. It’ll only take you so far before someone tags you in a picture, but it’ll help you qualify for follow-ups later on.

– Make it a goal to repost everything you’ve shared on your feed. This will help you stay organized, and it’ll make you feel good when you click “completed” on a post.


To sum up, Twitter can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and make new ones, but it’s also a great way to lose control of your thoughts. It’s great for connecting with people, but it’s a little bit limiting when it comes to expressing yourself. If you want to show off your work or get some feedback, use the social media platforms you like best, but try to keep your thoughts to yourself.

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