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Amazon rebrands IMDb TV to Freevee

Amazon rebrands IMDb TV to Freevee


IMDb TV is Amazon’s free streaming channel that launched in the UK last year, and in the US back in 2019. Now, it is getting a rebrand to Amazon Freevee and promises an increase of new content.

The name will officially change in just a few weeks’ time on 27 April 2022, where we assume that the logos and names will be updated on smart device apps and socials etc.

Allegedly, the choice behind the rebrand is to better reflect the platform’s no-cost streaming offerings and distinguish itself from the IMDb website.

Freevee’s director Ashraf Alkarmi made the following statement: “Our new name clearly communicates who we are: An easy-to-navigate streaming service, available to users for free, whenever and wherever they choose to watch some of the greatest Original and licensed content available.”

Freevee is currently working on growing its slate of original programming by 70%. Projects in the works include Bosch: Legacy, and a scripted adaptation of Tegan and Sara’s High School memoir. More projects will be unveiled on 2 May at Amazon’s NewFronts presentation.

In terms of syndicated content, the platform currently has the comedy series Community, the cooking/reality series Hell’s Kitchen, the film Danny Darko and much more – you can see the full catalogue over on Amazon’s IMDb TV page.

The streaming platform does not offer subscriptions like other premium services. Instead, users can just sign in with their standard Amazon account (a Prime account isn’t even needed) and stream away. It brings in revenue via ads, just like All 4, or the free version of Peacock.

Freevee does have other free rival streaming services out there, including Pluto TV, which was the home of Star Trek: Discovery season four, and The Roku Channel. Later this year, it will also face competition from ITVX in the UK.

With the king of streaming services Netflix increasing its prices, viewers may be turning to more free platforms, making it a decent time for a rebrand to boost publicity.

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